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Coca Cola Recipe Exposed

The website "This Is American Life" has violated trade secret laws, by publishing Coca Cola's secret recipe for their prized product. The website stated, it identified the recipe in an old photograph, which features a Coca Cola employee, holding a notebook open with the formula. Coca Cola denies it is their recipe, but apparently, some who have tried it, insists it is the formula.
"This Is American Life" enlarged and transcribed the contents of the photo for web audiences, violating Coca Cola's rights, in a bid at driving traffic and ad sales to their site. The Judiciary Report is not in support of such conduct, as it has violated the rights of others.

Coca Cola went to great lengths for years to protect its product and said website should not have gone digging to expose a billion dollar secret. Knock off, cheaper colas that don't taste quite right, can now amend their recipes to rip off Coca Colas.
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