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How Coca-Cola Became Awesometopia's National Beverage

This video was secretly recorded near a once disputed and desolate border in Eastern Awesometopia. This video shows an Awesomtopia's Badger Army soldier showing compassion to a dissident army member in the last stronghold of Fabauti's fallen empire. After this secret video was recorded, it wasn't long before it was leaked to the world's press. An act of compassion can change most situations; once again this rang true. This act of sharing with another human the delightfully crisp and refreshing taste of an ice cold Coca-Cola ended the days of dehydrated water and Fabauti's last hold out rebels soon laid down their swords and assimilated into Awesometopian society. Just as compassion changed everything when Ezzariah knelt beside Abram, an ice cold Coca-Cola brought forth another Peaceful Conflict Resolution.
Coca-Cola adds to Awesometopian's enjoyment of Life and Individuality, as it brings Unity and Peaceful Conflict Resolution to our Nation-State.

Here is an Awesometopian Coca-Cola image that promotes
Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Unity, Individuality and Life.
 An Anti Weapon Drink Coca-Cola Subliminal Image for Awesometopia's 
DRINK BEFORE You Shoot Campaign for Peace
 Here is a photo of the former National Beverage.

Dehydrated Water was the National Beverage under Farbauti's reign.
Many people found it to be dry and tasteless.

Coca-Cola is now Awesometopia's National Beverage.

It Is True...Awesometopian's Have Been Having A Love Affair With Coca-Cola
That Has Turned Into A Long Term Relationship

List of Coca-Cola Flavors

So just how many Coca-Cola flavors are there? I have always found this interesting, specially when I got to the US and saw so many Coca-Cola flavors that I hadn’t seen before. Therefore, I decided to try and make a list of all the Coca-Cola flavors that are available or that have been available in the past.

Coca-Cola with Lime

Coca-Cola Citra

Coca-Cola Zero

Cherry Coke

Cherry Coke Zero

Coca-Cola with Raspberry

Vanilla Coke

Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla

Coca-Cola Blak

Coke II (a.k.a "New Coke")

Caffeine-Free Diet Coke

Diet Coke Plus

Diet Coke with Lime

Diet Cherry Coke

Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda

Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla 

Diet Coke Citra (a.k.a. Coca-Cola light Citra)

Diet Vanilla Coke

Vanilla Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Plus – Green Tea Flavor

Coca-Cola Plus Fiber
Coca-Cola Light Sango

Coca-Cola wtih Orange

Well, there it is. Any suggestion and/or comment in order to make this list more complete would be highly appreciated.


*Image source from Deviant Art and Google*

Happy Monday y'all!
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I'm back with a short post today!

Its been a while since I've seen a coca-cola glass bottle.
Now they're mostly plastic bottles! I must say that Coca-cola has the
 best and yet most simplest product design and logo in this industry!
They've come a long way and they're STILL doing well!

Top secret Coca Cola recipe revealed

The top secret recipe of one of the world's most popular beverages, Coca Cola, which was kept locked in a steel vault in Atlanta city and guarded 24-hours a day, has now been leaked by a website.
The drink was created by pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886. Its recipe reportedly contains the exact measures of all the different oils needed for Coca Cola's secret ingredient - Merchandise 7X.
Despite making up only one percent of the drink's total formula, Merchandise 7X gives the popular soft drink its unique taste, the Daily Telegraph reported.
However, thisamericanlife.org website claims to have discovered a list in a photograph in a newspaper article giving the ingredients and exact quantities to make the drink.
The Feb 8, 1979, edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a photograph of someone holding open a book with a recipe claimed to be an exact replica of Pemberton's.
The 'secret' recipe is al follows:

15 Creative Designs of Coca Cola Bottles & Cans

Early Coca-Cola bottle circa 1899 - referred to as Hutchinson style.
The bottle pictured above was masterminded by graphic designer and curator Jiang Hua. The horizontal red patterns are actually stylized Chinese characters for the word "Coca-Cola." Its soundtrack song, "Be It All," was written by singer-songwriter Jes, who says she was inspired by the maze-like quality of the bottle's design.
Coca-Cola celebrated their 100th anniversary by releasing this centenary bottle. The bottle was made exclusively for Selfridges, a popular London department store. The centenary Coke bottle was made of glass with a bright shade of yellow, which is Selfridge's signature color. Coca-Cola was written in red, with a red cap.
Introduced in 2005, Coca-Cola launched a line of 5 aluminum contoured bottles called the “Magnificent 5″ or M5. Five different studios from five continents were each commissioned to design a bottle. According to Coca-Cola, this visual rebranding aimed at discerningly creative consumers, to be found only at “the world's most exclusive clubs and lounges.”
The famous bottle is known for its contour design and was actually created in 1915, by glass bottle designer Earl R. Dean of the Root Glass Company. The Coca-Cola Company decided to have a competition on who could create the best bottle design. They wanted a design that could be easily recognizable, even in the dark or if broken.
Creative package design from Coca-Cola for Christmas holiday in 2008, came with spherical shape different from the usual coke bottle.
Coca-Cola designed a bottle that keeps the inside drink chilled for a few minutes! The bottles also require different vending machine technology to regulate their temperature.
Coca-Cola bottles designed by Nathalie Rykiel, daughter of famous fashion designer Sonia Rykiel, in France 2008.
This is Manolo Blahnick's limited edition 2009 Coca-Cola Light bottle.
This campaign brings with it a temporary Coke rebranding. Making a play on James Bond's well-known code (007), Coke Zero was temporally known as Zero Zero 7. Collectors of Coke bottles and James Bond fans rushed to get their hands on the famous limited edition 007 bottle in celebration of “Quantum of Solace.”
Coca-Cola Olympic Games Barcelona '92 cans designed with swimming, cycling, basketball, football, gymnastics, volleyball, badminton, table and tennis.
Coca-Cola Light collaborated with Roberto Cavalli in 2008 and created these gorgeous bottles.
These are 8 different designs for the limited edition of Coke bottles for the summer campaign of 2009.
Coca-Cola Russia released iconic sodas Coke, Fanta, Sprite in small 8-ounce cans.
The brand launched five limited edition beachy coke cans designed for 2009 summer's: sunglasses, surfboards, grill, American flag and beach ball.
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